Making It Yours

Your Build, Your Pickups, Your Sound

We'll work with you to find the perfect pickup for your build.  Once we find what you're looking for, our manufacturing process assures quality everytime.  Whether you want vintage specs or something different, we can do it.

Streamlining Your Manufacturing Process

At Callahan Pickups, we have the right tools, knowledge and experience to make the pickup work for you.  We like making the classics but with a Laser and CNC Winder, can make almost any style of pickup.  Give creative license a try, you will like it.

Fun Extras

Because we are OEM, it does not matter if it's our logo on the pickup, or yours.  We can laser etch your custom logo or text on to most pickup models.  We measure and track resistance, inductance, and resonant frequency for each pickup that leaves our shop, so we can be sure to consistantly meet your specs every time.